Laviathan excels at an assortment of different services. Some of them include:


Website Design & Development

Conversion-Based Approach


WordPress Fixes & Tweaks

From Repair to Performance


Secured Hosting & Maintenance

24/7 Security and Protection


Graphic, Logo & Flyer Design

High Quality Graphics


Laviathan was founded eleven years ago by Brock Gillespie.  Brock is a San Diego native and strives to put a creative touch into every one of his websites!

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Laviathan Offers Premium Hosting!

Laviathan offers the highest, most secure hosting on the planet. We constantly monitor your site for any malware attacks. Learn more by viewing our Laviathan hosting promotional flyer.


I was need of a custom project done in less than a week. I was shocked that Laviathan was able to get it done in 5 business days.
Brock and Laviathan built a custom website for my analytics consulting business. I have to say I was pretty pleased with the results. Great execution and great value! I highly recommend their service for those seeking the same.
Brock and Laviathan did a great job on my website. They bent over backwards for me and never said no to a change. Thanks again!
Sam Orlansky,
I looked everywhere for a good web person. I chose Laviathan and I am glad I did. They spent countless hours getting this right. I had a lot of changes and they never acted like I was a problem. GREAT JOB!