Welcome to Laviathan!


Laviathan has spent over a decade refining our process in order to create a simple and easy situation for our customers. That process now involves these tactics and procedures:

Here is How we Work Our Wizadry!

We will ask a series of questions to uncover the truth about what you need for the new website and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. Once we have the answers to these questions we can put together a game plan for your project.
After we have the information we need we will develop a wire frame to outline the website’s pages and the function’s it needs. We then can begin organizing the graphics, text and pictures that we will using for the first home page update.
We start with the basic structure and functionality of the website. We start a design and content integration or creation of the home page first and we place this first example on our test server for your viewing. There is then some back and forth between us where we iron out the details for the home page.
Once we have home page approval we then address the rest of the content for the website. The right content is a key piece to tying everything were doing together to achieve your goals. The text, pictures and videos you provide need to be carefully put together for optimal success. Or, we can help you create content. We have a lot of experience creating fabulous content for our clients.
Now that we have everything gathered and approved our team of developers can start putting the rest of the website together. With the home page approval, design plan, and content, ready to go, this is when your website truly begins to take its shape a we create the rest of the pages of the website.
Testing & Deployment
Once development is completed we follow up with a series of check and balances on all pages to make sure everything is working like it should. Finally, your website is ready to go live for your audience to see! We will continue to help with any last minute bugs and fixes for 30 days after launch just to make sure you are taking care of.